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Farewell NEMchange... Welcome VantageX - JoeyCrypto - 01-23-2019

The DIM Team congratulates NEMchange on becoming VantageX!

We wish NEMchange much success on their prosperous venture, on becoming VantageX, we have no doubt that your exchange will attract new partnerships and users.

Thank you for the continued support of DIM mosaics on the exchange, our partnership with NEMchange has been remarkable and invaluable.

We know where you started and we know where you are heading, Keep up the great work!
The DIM Team wishes VantageX all the best with their soft launch which takes place today, Tuesday (January 22, 2019) at 3:00 PM Hong Kong Time.

Looking forward to creating new avenues of success with this exchange.

To find out more about VantageX (formerly NEMchange), visit https://nemchange.com/Info/faq