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DIM Announcement (February 2019) - JoeyCrypto - 02-12-2019

[Image: 1*7DhnAQM8_xLkKSSeC68EnA.jpeg]

Dear Community,
As mentioned in the previous update, the HYBSE update and MiCrypto website has been finalized. Currently, the upload is taking place and will be live within 24 hours. 
We have decided to fork onto the new NEM Catapult blockchain. https://nem.io/catapult/
A definition extracted from their official website:
Catapult is a fully-fledged blockchain engine that can power both private and public networks with its unique smart contract plugins. These plugins enable bulletproof digital asset creation, decentralized swaps, advanced account systems ad business logic modelling”. 
As a result, the thriving DIM Ecosystem grants the adoption of Catapult and is necessary in order to accommodate more in a short period of time. An achievable goal of processing a transaction in milliseconds whilst the collection of transaction fees occurs simultaneously in the respective currency. Due to Catapult, the community has the opportunity to run the servers through nodes and, therefore, have created DIM Node Tokens(NT).

DIM NT award users with the right to operate a blockchain node, which houses the entire blockchain ledger and enables confirmations on the DIM Node Network. Each node is entitled to portions of the total fees collected throughout the Ecosystem* and will run on the new DIM Internet Exchange network. Furthermore, DIM NT and DIM Token holders will be eligible for Senate, Congress and Minister positions in the DIM Govt.
As a thank you for the loyalty and faith you have kept, a commitment from the DIM Team to all DIM Token holders with more than 1000 DIM Tokens in an airdrop.

The conditions are as follows:
More than 1000 DIM Tokens = 1 x DIM NT totalling to 1000 DIM NT
More than 3000 DIM Tokens = 3 x DIM NT totalling to 9000 DIM NT
More than 5000 DIM Tokens = 5 x DIM NT totalling to 25000 DIM NT
The MAST is almost here, stay tuned.
*The portion of the total fees collected is not calculated on a gross amount, but rather after operational costs and governmental tax.