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DIM Announcement (February 2019)
[Image: 1*xtcS8c1flvdm4v501IEKxw.jpeg]

Dear Community,
The MAST website is now live for preview and can be found on the link —
The following credentials are needed:

Username: masteco
Password: [email protected]@ble

Additional content will be uploaded moving forward.
The MAST Blueprint has been updated, changes to note are:

1. MAST has been re-branded as Multi Asset Stable Token — this and other changes were made due to conditions under our regulatory framework structure.
2. The DNT airdrop conditions have been adjusted as mentioned in a previous announcement.
3. Minor grammar and spelling corrections.
The DNT airdrop will take place Q2 2019, a fixed time and date will be published closer to the occasion. 
We strongly encourage the community to comment and assist us further towards the finalization of the MAST Blueprint and website. Our goal is to include the community to a greater extent. The marketing is set to begin on Wednesday 20 February and we aim to have a complete and final version by then. 
MiCrypto App is now on Google Play Store and can be found on the link —

After extensive research, we firmly believe that the app has the fastest transactional confirmations currently on the market where each transaction is accomplished in milliseconds. 
We have heard the communities commentary and the HYBSE price list has been updated to accommodate the future use of DIMCOIN. The listing/registration and the annual membership fees are both US$5000, equivalent in DIMCOIN. 
The updated price list can be found on the link —

DIM Tokens can now be purchased on DIM-X using the following currencies: 

The price will be $2.5 per DIM Token. This decision was based on the current trading prices, between $2 and $3. The price can change at any time.

DEPOTWALLET — the basic wallet has been removed, any users who still have a basic wallet will be directed to a guide on how to upgrade to a premium wallet. Additionally, a ticket support system has been added for more efficient support.
Now we need the help of all the blockchain communities to end this very cold and long crypto winter. Let’s pave the way for the new generation — crypto spring!

DIMCOIN | Website 

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