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A friendly reminder that the snapshot for the airdrop will take place in 2 days!
There are over 5000 wallet addresses that do not yet meet the requirements:

More than 1000 DIM Tokens = 1 x DIM NT totalling to 1000 DIM NT

More than 3000 DIM Tokens = 3 x DIM NT totalling to 9000 DIM NT

More than 5000 DIM Tokens = 5 x DIM NT totalling to 25000 DIM NT

If you are interested in purchasing more DIM Tokens, we recommend using the Official DIM Trading group on Telegram:
Two trusted escrow agents are available.

Additionally, we are in the process of listing companies and bonds on HYBSE for trading, once live. 

We look forward to the coming weeks and what is in store for HYBSE.
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