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DIM X Announcement
[Image: 1*r3WF5ATRsxhpa8g8Iv_HDA.jpeg]

Dear Community

The DIM X features have been implemented, the update has been tested and is now ready for the public. Users can sell or buy DIM Tokens through the DIM Xescrow service.

The following changes can be seen:
— Enhanced transaction process
 — Improved user-friendliness for transactions, this includes a clearer step by step guide, timed payment window and QR scan option
 — Updated DIM Token price, now set to $1.20
 — KYT (Know Your Transaction) Users can view their transaction history at any time and download it as a PDF
 — Support function is more visible
 — Escrow order book for DIM Tokens is now available

Visit now
DIMCOIN | Website 

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