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DIM Foundation forum guidelines:
These guidelines will apply to all forum boards including the international boards.

This list is incomplete, we will add new rules as we encounter them.

Forum Rules:
  1. No low quality, uninteresting and pointless posts or threads.
  2. Discussions on the main boards/forums should be in English.
  3. No off-topic posts.
  4. No posts/ threads to inflict harm.
  5. No offensive or provocative posts or threads.
  6. Discussions in other languages should be posted in the appropriate international board.
  7. No duplicate posting on multiple boards.
  8. Advertising is not permitted.
  9. Ban evasion is not allowed.
  10. Linking illegal trading websites is not permitted.
  11. Sending other users unsolicited PMs is not permitted.
  12. User avatar must not contain NSFL or NSFW content.
  13. Plagiarised content is not permitted, posts and thread should be original.
  14. No on-forum giveaways
  15. No linking phishing websites
  16. Using translation software to publish translated content in the local boards is not permitted
  17. User signature cannot contain NSFL or NSFW content or links to similar websites or content.
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