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More Exchanges!
[Image: 1*bUGpKqned8mQRK0gyle9nw.jpeg]
DIMCOIN will be listed on two more exchanges: Antriex and EXCOINCIAL!

Antriex is a new Malta-based exchange with a platform that will be pairing crypto with fiat currencies. They have a rewards token ANT that is part of their fee structure, and over time they plan to introduce futures. They have been gaining traction quickly, with over 12 000 Telegram members in just two months.

EXCOINCIAL is partnered with banks in China and West Africa. They will have a multi fiat currency offering of EURO, GBP, SWISS FRANC, YUAN, YEN, WON, NAIRA, RAND, CEDI, LIRA, HRYVNIA, RUBLE, RUPEE, SHEKEL, RIAL, FORINT, KORUNA, REAL, PESO and others in multiple markets. However, the USD is excluded for now.
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