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What is DIMCOIN?
DIMCOIN is a speculative digital coin that is available worldwide. It is built upon the NEM blockchain protocol, making the coins low-cost and transparent. The coins contain high confirmation speeds and are 99.99% immune to fraudulent activities. The DIMCOIN has a quantity commitment of 9 billion coins, with an initial price of $0.01 each. The DIMCOIN is available on cryptocurrency exchange platforms, and is permitted to float and be traded p2p. The price of the DIMCOIN will be determined by market forces and cryptocurrency exchange mechanisms. Users will be able to buy and sell DIMCOIN using cryptocurrencies  Read More


Participants will need to apply for these bounties for us to decide and give approval. The payment will only be made once the bounty has been completed and submitted.

Campaign Rules:

Do not start with any developments before the approval of your application.
The creations should be original, creative, unique and new.
Plagiarized creations will be disqualified with immediate effect.
Only high quality developments and creations will be accepted.
Payments will be made once the creation has been completed and submitted.
We reserve the right to eliminate your work from consideration if we have reason to believe you haven't been honest with your work, or otherwise approved.


Reward: 50 000 DIMCOIN
To do:
How to build apps using the DIM Blockchain.
Sample code.
Detailed instructions for developers.

Resources: GitHub Repository
To Join: Click Here

Web Application

Reward: 100 000 DIMCOIN

To do:
Create a Web application that interacts with the DIM Blockchain.

Any Web Framework.
Documentation of Development.
Blog post about the App, showing advantages and usage.
To Join: Click Here

Plug-ins for DEPOTWALLET

To do:
Plug-ins for DEPOTWALLET
Reward: 150 000 DIMCOIN
To Join: Click Here

Listing DIMCOIN on an Exchange

Reward: 150 000 DIMCOIN
To do:
Get DIMCOIN listed on a cryptocurrency exchange.
To Join: Click Here

Wallet for DIMCOIN and DIM TOKEN

Reward: 250 000 DIMCOIN
To Join: Click Here

Build an Exchange for DIM Currencies

Reward: 500 000 DIMCOIN
To Join: Click Here

Bug Hunt Bounty

The safety and security of our investors is very important to us. Participants are required hunt and find flaws (if any) on the websites mentioned below, this may include critical security flaws or less critical flaws. Participants are required to report all vulnerable security flaws regardless of how critical it is.
DIM Foundation
DIM Explorer
DIM Foundation Forum

Reward: 150 000 DIMCOIN
To Join: Click Here

Please Note: Bug reports should be sent to us on a google document.

There will be a quarterly 1BTC prize for the best developments!


Rewards: 1000 – 50 000 DIMCOIN

DIM Participants are encouraged to create unique content for DIMCOIN. Media bounties include Videos, Graphics, Images, Articles, Craft, Art and Installations, blog and vlog posts and whatever else you can think of using the DIMCOIN logo and information. You should be as creative as you can and think out the box.

Important things to note: low quality, low effort and quick copy paste creations will not be considered. All media content has to be exceptional, creative, original, well designed, written and structured, innovative and admirable. They will be judged well and only the most creative and innovative ideas will get the maximum prize of 50 000 DIMCOIN.

ONLY UNIQUE, ORIGINAL AND CREATIVE content will be considered!

To Join: Click Here

Please note that you will have to use:
DIMCOIN | Website 

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