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Depot Wallet Secured with Trezor Hardware Wallet
This is a simple guide to creating your Depot Wallet secured by Trezor Hardware Wallet.

*Note* You must purchase and setup your Trezor Hardware Wallet here before beginning. Also you will need to transfer your DIMcoin, DIMtoken and any other NEM Mosaic on your current Depot Wallet that you wish to secure with Trezor to the account address you are about to create.

Step 1: Visit!/ and select "Login"

[Image: 9sh5k1.png]

Step 2:  Select "Trezor Wallet" tab

[Image: 15ua69.png]

Step 3:  Select "Sign in with Trezor"

[Image: 687kav.png]

Step 4:  Connect your Trezor

[Image: ofomyx.jpg]

Step 5:  On the pop up screen select "Export"

[Image: eb4x92.png]

Step 6:  Enter your pin(if you set one during Trezor setup)*Recommended*

[Image: 51znyw.png]

Step 7:  Enter your passphrase(If you set one during Trezor setup)*Recommended*

[Image: 255o07p.png]

Step 8:  Press "Continue" on your Trezor

[Image: 2u7908o.png]

Step 9:  You should now be on your Depot Wallet Dashboard Screen, which will display your new Trezor secured Depot Wallet account address. Congratulations!

[Image: s17wvm.png]

Step 10:  Transfer your DIMcoin, DIMtoken, XEM or any other NEM Mosaic to the account address and enjoy your new Trezor secured Depot Wallet
Thank you for the great work! I have sent you a DM
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