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DIM Announcement
[Image: 1*7DhnAQM8_xLkKSSeC68EnA.jpeg]

Dear Community
As mentioned in our previous post, the Demo Trading and HYBSE Whitepaper will be released tomorrow. We are aware of the small typo mentioning Wednesday the 9th, this should have been Wednesday the 10th of October. 
The community can expect the following tomorrow:
— Demo Trading
— IBO/Issuer registration
— HYBSE Whitepaper (includes additional learning material) 
The KYC verification will include a new feature to be implemented, so it will not be available tomorrow. This feature will correlate with the upcoming news, kindly remain patient for this to be announced. 
Additionally, we are currently waiting for the DIM X domain transfer to be completed. We originally planned to have that released tomorrow, as a surprise, but unfortunately, we did not expect the transfer to be delayed from the service provider. We currently expect a 24–48 hour delay. 
We urge the community to help us test and use the above services. For any bugs, errors, issues or general feedback, kindly email [email protected]. For any questions, queries or suggestions, kindly email [email protected].
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