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DIMWallet mobile application

About DIMWallet

The DIMWALLET allows you to send and receive your DIM cryptonized-equities. Store and manage your DIMCOIN, DIM TOKEN, DIM Currencies, XEM and any other NEM based mosaics in one secure place. It’s a 100% open source mobile application, with storage and signing so your key or password is never sent over the internet.
Main Features:

  • Import wallet with the private key or scan your private key QR code

  • Import wallet from a .wlt file (for existing and Nanowallet accounts)

  • Create a new wallet if you don’t already have one

  • Manage multiple wallets on the same app

  • Store multiple NEM based mosaics in one wallet

  • Easily send mosaics with QR code from the recipient (No need to type long addresses)

  • Create a QR code to receive funds from another person (Invoicing)

  • Store all regular addresses in your address book to easily send funds

  • View all your past and incoming transactions

  • Easily share your address via SMS, Telegram, WhatsApp or other IM apps

  • Export your wallet file for backup

  • Two-factor authentication

  • Bio-metric access to your app
DIMCOIN | Website 

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