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DIMPAY mobile wallet

DIMPAY is a quick setup and on-the-go payment gateway that allows SME businesses to transact with customers with swift and efficient confirmations on the blockchain. DIM Currencies are the native monies that are similar to real-world currencies, that are used as the medium of exchange over the DIMPAY network. The DIMPAY app allows customers to scan a Quick Response (QR) code, with any compatible mobile device, and replaces traditional cashiers, till points or POS (Point Of Sale) terminals. Adapt your business needs with DIMPAY, as the app allows for additional avenues of receiving payment. Issue invoices to customers, and pay suppliers, all from one application on your mobile device. 

Main Features:
  • Create invoices, and receive payments
  • Import wallet/s with a private key or private key QR code
  • Import wallet/s from .wlt file/s 
  • Create new wallets 
  • Manage multiple wallets
  • Store DIM Currencies together with multiple NEM based mosaics 
  • Easily transact with QR codes
  • Store wallet addresses 
  • View all transactions
  • Quick share your wallet address 
  • Export your wallet file/s for external backup
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Biometric access
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